Guidelines for Using SheetWA

As you get started, it's essential to understand some critical guidelines to ensure your number remains active and avoids potential blocks by WhatsApp. Adhering to these guidelines will help you in a seamless and productive experience with our tool.

Guidelines for Using SheetWA
Start with an Established Number:

If you're considering using a new phone number, think again. It's best to use a number that's already recognized and established on WhatsApp. Fresh numbers are more susceptible to blocks.

Use as a Two-Way Communication Tool:

Sheets to WhatsApp is designed for meaningful, bi-directional communication. Ensure that you're not using it solely for broadcasting messages but are fostering genuine conversations.

Batch Your Initial Messages:

If you're using our tool for the first time, we recommend sending your messages in batches. This gradual approach is less aggressive and reduces the risk of being flagged by WhatsApp.

Randomize Time Gaps:

Always use random time gaps feature while sending messages. This makes your activity appear more organic and less like a bot, which WhatsApp closely monitors.

Refrain from Using Brand New Numbers:

Using our tool on a brand new WhatsApp number significantly increases the chances of it being blocked. Ensure your number has been active on WhatsApp for a while before integrating it with Sheets to WhatsApp.

Avoid Blasting Unknown Numbers:

Never use the tool to send mass messages to unknown or unsolicited numbers. This is a surefire way to get flagged or blocked by WhatsApp.

Remember, the key to a successful experience with Sheets to WhatsApp is mutual respect and genuine communication. Always prioritize real conversations over mass messaging. By following these guidelines, you'll enjoy a smoother, more effective communication channel and greatly reduce the risk of any disruptions.

Thank you for choosing Sheets to WhatsApp! Safe messaging!